Culture and History

A big part of our history in New Zealand/Aotearoa is The Treaty of Waitangi or Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We, as a company, are committed to the principles of the treaty. 

Our Park, like NZ, has people from all different walks of life – we are multi-cultural and diverse and we do our best to accommodate all walks of life.

As a company, we are family run and our family is blended with cultures. Our staff also come from a variety of cultures, countries, religions and some speak different languages.

Pohara Beach TOP 10’s aim is to be sensitive and responsive to all identities, cultures, religions, backgrounds and gender-diversity. To us, it is important that everyone is valued, treated equal and respected for they are. We encourage our staff, and guests, to follow this.

As a country, NZ has over 160 cultures with various religions and languages. We, as a park, feel that culture doesn’t just fall in the category of where people come from – it is who you are as a person, the things that have made you and that are important to you.

Here in Golden Bay we have history, heritage and some of the most gorgeous local gems that make our slice of paradise very hard to beat!

Golden Bay was the spot where the famous Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman, made the first known contacts with Maori. Unfortunately, this encounter didn’t go too well, causing devastation for both sides and led to Abel Tasman sailing away to the North Island. This marks the start of New Zealand’s shared history as there is no earlier records, words or meetings.

Golden Bay as we know it today, is a very picturesque, pristine and isolated area. Our region is what tourists dream of when they come to New Zealand/Aotearoa. We are well known for being nestled between the famous Abel Tasman Nation Park and the Kahurangi National Park, with the gorgeous Wharariki Beaches, the Farewell Spit, numerous magnificent landscapes and walks and the crystal clear Te Waikoropupu Springs plus plenty more!

As a region, we have deep history roots and are well equipped for activities and tourism.

As a Park, we are extremely proud to showcase our region and country, to our guests – this includes promoting local hot spots, our famous walks and outdoor activities and celebrating our national culture with Te Ao Māori.

We are currently working with our local Iwi to get naming and signs created which will lead to getting our maps redone, having signage for the park created and have language posters around to help celebrate Te Ao Māori.

We can’t wait for you to explore our Park, Region and Country first hand!

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